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Hitachi Modernizes
Marketing Efforts

Two integrated campaigns and a new outlook spell change at Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) was already a leader in their business space — just ask Gartner — but felt that their marketing should be as innovative as the IT solutions they offer. Thus began an organizational transformation that originated with marketing and evolved into an outlook.


HDS and Faction worked in partnership to develop a robust new concept that could carry the brand through two years and multiple integrated campaigns. Previous campaign efforts for HDS tended toward more traditional tactics, however, after adopting Marketo, the company began a journey into the modern digital marketing space with a new focus on demand generation tactics. HDS found that Faction’s unique approach of blending insight with creative work and marketing technology made for an ideal partner along their path deeper into the digital space.

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Through collaborative discussion and review, Faction and HDS elected to move forward with the creative concept “Business in Balance.” The idea encapsulates the universal challenge of balancing the needs of IT and business and, ultimately, presents a path to a harmonious solution.

The first iteration of Business in Balance came to life in the “Software-Defined Infrastructure” campaign.

The campaign was an ambitious, multi-channel, multi-touch effort that included a dedicated microsite, a series of nurture emails and a direct mail piece. Marketing technology was essential to optimize the campaign to drive the most engagement and the best results possible. Faction used Marketo to monitor user activity and engagement as indicators of interest and to pinpoint users’ position in the sales funnel.

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The Software-Defined Infrastructure campaign launched Hitachi into the modern marketing space and established a benchmark from which the Business in Balance theme could be evolved and advanced. Next, we concepted and executed the “Converged Infrastructure” campaign that extended the theme of Business in Balance to promote awareness of Hitachi’s converged infrastructure solutions. Updates and additions were made to the SDI microsite to incorporate new content offers, a nurture email track and a sophisticated Marketo engagement strategy.

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Both the SDI and Converged campaigns are still in place, but early results have been encouraging. One mid-funnel email in the SDI track has seen open rates north of 70%. Other mid-funnel emails have also seen strong performance with open rates of between 27% and 37%.

Organizationally, the launch of the campaigns is as much a cause for celebration as stellar open rates, as these campaigns mark a crucial shift in HDS’ overall marketing strategy. Hitachi is no longer relying exclusively on traditional methods, and have fully embraced an integrated, campaign-driven, demand generation model. Notably, these initial efforts have already achieved richer levels of engagement with prospects than HDS has seen in previous campaigns.

But marketing is not the only arena in which the HDS team has made transformative strides. As a company, HDS is embracing business transformation — growing as a modern marketing leader — and help and leadership from Faction is only one component of a larger organizational shift toward innovation and all of the benefits that entails.

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