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Today, technology evolves at a lightning pace: SMAC, the Internet of Things, outside-in — they all force the enterprise to evolve in order to keep up. You can think of “keeping up” as an exhausting exercise, or you can choose to see it as “staying on the cutting edge” — a never-ending adventure where you constantly learn and continually explore uncharted territory. Today, that means becoming more agile as an organization. It means still having a rock-solid traditional mode of IT focused on stability and security, but also creating a more fluid, agile mode of IT focused on business advancement in the face of new challenges.

It’s time to embrace constant change and lead the evolution of your enterprise. Only then can you ensure you stay on the cutting edge — ready for any challenge. CSC works with you to provide the knowledge, industry expertise, and partnerships to make it possible.


Our target audience: C-level leaders and IT managers across all industries, with a particular focus on 100 key global accounts that matter most to CSC. The objectives:

• Drive demand from both Line of Business and Technical decision makers from our existing clients as well as prospects

• Nurture contacts through the buying cycle toward industry-relevant solutions

• Support expansion of solution portfolio from 5 to 25+ solutions


We created a targeted campaign to tell the above “Bi-Modal IT” story that would extend to a lead generation engine with at least a 12-month shelf life. This campaign additionally aligned our sales and marketing departments around our growing solution suite narrative, explaining each available solution from the perspective of the industry it serves in the framework of the narrative.


Once the campaign theme of “For Those Who Solve” was developed, that language was applied to each industry via a messaging matrix that informed our extensive touch strategy, including emails, dynamic banners (display and retargeting), billboards on, social media posts and a responsive microsite, full-to-bursting with assets and information. And as this is a global effort, regional translations of this material were developed to support our clients and prospects in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Marketing Automation

 The campaign employed a wide variety of tactics to determine the best messaging for each contact. Perhaps the most complex of these tactics was the creation and execution of myriad separate emails using Eloqua, and orchestrated using Eloqua canvasses. Every contact received an initial overview email that drove them to the microsite. Once there, users indicated an area of interest by selecting one or more of the available industries, or one of several horizontal solutions. This interaction dictated the kind of content they would receive moving forward. These selections also afforded us a great deal of insights about our customers’ needs and pain points. From there, the email tracks were segmented according to audience — IT or Business — and finally by title. Each of those title segments had a unique, dedicated email set. This measure ensured the content sent was as tailored as possible to each contact.

Lead Scoring

Prior to campaign launch, each piece of content on the microsite was assigned a score. The score of each piece of content was determined based on alignment to the buying cycle, from awareness to evaluation. Content associated with awareness was weighted with the lowest score, while those farther along in the buying cycle were weighted with higher scores. These scores were associated with individual contacts, this information was stored within Eloqua and determined the placement of each contact within their targeted email track. Upon accumulating a specific total score, leads were automatically moved into tele-qual and contacted.

Progressive Profiling

The microsite leveraged progressive profiling to glean additional information from contacts engaging with multiple pieces of content on the site, while refraining from overwhelming them with forms. After engagement with the first asset, which triggered a standard form field, users who engaged with additional assets were presented with shorter forms and asked for different information, on each subsequent engagement. These tactics combined to ensure we were able to reach our audience across multiple channels and platforms with messaging that was consistently relevant to them, while providing us with BANT qualification information.


In the first 5 months of being live, “For Those Who Solve”generated 1,197 marketing leads, $1.8M in marketing sourced and $275M in marketing assisted pipeline revenue, and $53M in marketing assisted total customer value.