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Drive Closing Conversations by Enabling Your Sales Team & Empowering Your Channels

Today’s buyers are 65% to almost 90% of the way through their decision process before they ever reach out to a sales representative. When they do make contact, make sure your sales team is equipped with the data, intelligence and tools they need to close.

Providing leads is only the first of many ways modern marketing can, and should, support and drive sales. Through digital body language monitoring and strategic lead nurturing, Faction identifies and scores top prospects and delivers actionable sales data that integrates sales executives and partners into campaigns. Then, we arm sales with the tools they need to make a difference — from mobile and tablet apps to playbooks, sales portals, custom proposal and quote tools, calculators, insight reports and workshops.


For B2B clients that sell through distributors, value-added resellers or third-party sales reps, we’ll help you create effective channel marketing strategies and implement solutions that will empower your partners and provide insights into your customers’ buying decisions.

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There’s no end to the chatter around the importance of data. It’s true — data streams are ubiquitous, but without the skill and strategy to glean actionable insights to move buyers down the funnel and increase your conversion speed, all of that information counts for nothing. Faction works with you to turn your data stream into a comprehensive view of your buyers and what makes them buy from you — or not. With a clear understanding of your buyer’s motivations, behaviors and activities, we can more accurately and effectively arm your sales team with the assets they need to close more deals.

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