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Turn Your Campaign Data Into Actionable Results for Next Time

Delivering the greatest creative in the world means nothing if it’s ignored.

Data is a core component of our process at Faction. It’s as fundamental to what we do as our office email platform or design tool set. Because data is unbiased. And we monitor it closely with every campaign we deliver, every creative direction we try and every website we deploy. We’ve built our entire agency and culture on driving results for our clients, and data tells us when we’re hitting the mark.


Faction’s digital production team is trained on the best-in-class web analytics platforms, including Adobe’s Omniture Suite, Raven Tools and Google Analytics. We can not only deploy these platforms for our clients in line with their technological needs, but we can define crucial strategies based on our years of experience and knowledge of best practices. We’ll design dashboards that deliver the information you need — meaningful reporting that you can use to make decisions that matter — and won’t overwhelm you with a crushing tidal wave of random stats.

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User experience lives at the center of how we approach our development — technologically as well as creatively — on every project we do. This audience-first approach means we pay particularly close attention to how people interact with what we deliver. Websites, emails, applications, banner ads, forms, media buys, social campaigns, PPC — whatever it is, we can monitor and provide reporting on all of it. And more importantly, we use all the information we glean to improve things. That means not only deploying iterative improvements in real time, but informing our future efforts on additional campaigns and projects. Best practices come from proven data.

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