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Bridge the Sales vs Marketing Gap for Maximum Funnel Efficiency

As marketers, we have a responsibility to nurture leads to a point of qualification that is acceptable to sales. And that’s what lead scoring helps us do at Faction. Lead scoring is a critical component of lead nurturing. It’s a methodology that allows you to rank a prospect’s value to the organization — as well as readiness for further marketing or sales engagement — by assigning an agreed-upon point value to a variety of online activities, from email opens to white paper downloads. Modern marketing provides a plethora of analytics and data management platforms that enable you to automate this process and drive leads through the sales funnel more effectively.

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Provides objective dataAutomated lead scoring based on users’ online behavior allows you to bring hard data into an otherwise subjective sales process to better assess the ROI of different online tactics.

Increases sales effectivenessLead scoring enables you to send only “sales qualified leads” to your sales team. This means sales spends time engaging with higher-quality prospects, which increases conversion rates.

Drives marketing efficiencyLead scoring isn’t just for sales. It can also identify “marketing qualified leads” that have exhibited enough interest to be effective targets for inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

Improves alignment between marketing and salesLead scoring provides a common ground for your marketing and sales teams to gauge lead quality. The more accurate your model, the better that inter-team relationship will be.


Effective lead scoring starts with a common understanding between sales and marketing on what constitutes a qualified lead, and it’s a conversation that must be based on the data you know you’re capable of capturing. If you’re not already, you should build your lead scoring models around the three dimensions below. As your leads achieve appropriate qualification criteria in these categories, you can identify which prospects represent the best opportunities for your marketing and sales teams to act on:

You can use progressive profiling to uncover a wide range of firmographic, demographic and BANT (budget, authority, need and timing) data.

Digital body language across your online properties provides insight into a lead’s level of interest in specific products and solutions.

If you’ve correctly mapped your content to the various stages of a buying cycle, you can identify each prospect’s position within that cycle (and readiness for a sales conversation) by looking at the content they’ve downloaded.


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