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Start a New Relationship: Build Trust With Your Buyers

B2B purchasing is complex — we all know that. Here’s why:

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Because of this — and because you can’t forget that you’re selling to people with emotions — you need to build a mutually-beneficial relationship with your customers based on trust. And because at least half of your leads (according to Marketo) are not ready to buy when they enter your database, you can only build that relationship by providing valuable information to educate your potential buyers over time.


We’re experts in strategizing, creating, executing and disseminating customized lead nurturing programs that target each of your various buyer segments with a personalized message that resonates when and where you reach them. Effective lead nurturing starts with knowing your audiences, understanding their needs, and providing relevant information on any and all channels and devices. Help them understand you, your business, and your products and services — but most importantly, build trust. People buy from people they trust.


The Annuitas Group’s research says that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Again, this comes down to trust. A customer who feels like she doesn’t know you probably won’t spend as much with you. And you can help ensure that your buyers remain lifelong customers if you remember post-purchase nurturing as part of your marketing efforts.


You need to improve your lead quality before passing a lead along to sales, but you need to do it fast. A sales cycle doesn’t have to take years to finally lead to a purchase. We look at lead nurturing content and how it fits into your pipeline, determine which types of content or specific pieces move buyers faster, and then produce and distribute more of it. And our intelligent lead scoring strategies help you keep track of everyone along the way.


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