Our Experts Will Plan, Personalize, Inspire & Optimize Your Funnel to Accelerate Your Buyer’s Journey

B2B demand creation is evolving at a breakneck speed. Rapidly changing buyer behaviors are influencing new strategies and tactics all the time. And progressive marketing technologies and organizational shifts between sales and marketing now challenge the modern marketer in ways never seen before.

Faction’s deep demand creation expertise helps our clients drive awareness, lead acquisition and qualification through systematic, repeatable and measurable demand generation programs that makes sales more productive, create better ROI and accelerate revenue.

Delivering effective global demand generation programs requires a host of skill sets rarely seen within one agency. Our strategic, data-driven approach to demand creation blends world-class creative, powerful content, proven strategy development, and advanced marketing automation services.

Your company offers products or services that other companies want or need — but they might not even know they have a need, never mind that you offer a solution. If they don’t know what they don’t know, they’re simply not going to buy.

Faction creates successful brand, product and solution awareness programs by developing an integrated demand creation strategy with high-performance inbound and outbound tactics.

Research and consulting firm Forrester suggests that up to 90% of a buyer’s journey is complete before you even know they are a prospect — so what happens after you have successfully engaged them? The activity in the middle of your demand waterfall is among the most critical in all of your demand programs.

At Faction, we know pipeline conversion and velocity are key. You need to develop a methodology that allows you to identify and target the right audience with the most relevant content and offers for their needs. Creating buyer personas and aligning your programs to the various stages or cycles of the buyer’s journey will increase your conversions and ultimately accelerate revenue.

Your MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) has become a SAL (Sales Accepted Lead). Congratulations! Your job is just beginning. Support at the bottom of the sales funnel is the most overlooked by marketers, but is incredibly critical to make the initial sale and to nurture future loyalty.

Successful modern marketing organizations empower their sales colleagues with training, tools and content that continues to drive the buyer’s journey even after the marketing-to-sales handoff. Faction believes you can empower your sales force and drive revenue by continuing the relevant and valuable conversations you’ve been using to nurture your prospects. How? To start, think ROI calculators, TCO calculators, on-demand demos, business case worksheets and other sales enablement tools.


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