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Engage Your Audience with Valuable Content & Audience-First Design, Mapped to Each Stage in the Buyer’s Journey

We’ve all heard “Content is King,” and it’s more true than ever.

Combined with a demand generation strategy, compelling content marketing provides a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and engaging experiences and information to attract and retain customers and prospects — and, ultimately, to accelerate and drive revenue.

B2B creative is about more than just a “big idea.” It’s about coming up with something new and unexpected — something that engages audiences through meaningful storytelling, but also incorporates strategic product messaging. The team of B2B creative and content marketing experts at Faction work in total collaboration with each other and with our clients to produce the fuel for some of the highest performing marketing engines. It’s only right when it’s both content-based design and design-focused content, and our teams have been working for years on the perfect mix.

Our creative helps our clients engage audiences with striking visual design, strategic messaging and appealing interactive experiences that span across a wide variety of formats and media channels. Because our creative is designed to cover the entire spectrum of the buyer’s journey, as well as build trust and demonstrate thought leadership, we help you create better user experiences and build more meaningful relationships with your customers and prospects.

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Many B2B organizations struggle with content marketing. They know they need it, but they’re not sure what will make the most impact at each stage of the buyer’s journey to accelerate revenue. From top-of-the-funnel awareness messaging to bottom-of-the-funnel sales enablement tools, Faction provides you with engaging content that drives results. We craft content by persona and customize it by segment. It’s a highly personalized approach, and it’s the next best thing to having a one-on-one conversation with each and every one of your prospects.

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Your organization most likely has more content than you realize. Through the course of a content audit, Faction can help you aggregate, curate and repurpose your B2B marketing content and align it with key personas, sales strategies and stages in the demand waterfall. Our analysis helps your team to then identify content marketing opportunities and the types and formats needed to ensure an effective mix of content to meet the objectives of your demand creation programs.


Content takes on many forms and is designed for different uses: demand generation campaigns, marketing automation, lead generation, lead nurturing and sales enablement (to name a few). From the visual design of a website, to the “big idea” in a brand awareness campaign, to an infographic in a nurturing program — it’s all about using the right kind of content at the right stage. Your content has to create awareness and incentive for your customers to care about your brand, products and services. Content then builds engagement and trust through the consideration stage of your buyer’s journey. And finally, properly crafted and delivered content drives purchase and post-purchase satisfaction.


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