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Faction is leading the evolution of business-to-business marketing. Founded in 2005 in Denver, CO, we solve business challenges by effectively applying the principles of digital marketing — know your audience, value their time, and use data to repeat success — to help Fortune 1,000 companies uncover marketplace insights, build measurable customer engagement, and generate demand for innovative business-to-business products and services.

We hire collaborators (the only title that we print on our business cards) who not only excel at their jobs, but who also offer valuable insights across agency disciplines. We hire problem solvers who care less about titles and more about making real progress as part of a highly engaged team — and we have a good time doing it. After all, we’ve learned it pays to make allies — with your co-workers, your clients and their customers — with every interaction.

If you’d like to help us reinvent the B2B digital marketing space, we encourage you to review and respond to our current job openings below.

Account Supervisor

The Account Supervisor plays a pivotal role in revenue generation through opportunity identification on assigned accounts. They lead the research, development and presentation of strategic marketing recommendations for our clients. They gain a solid understanding of their assigned clients’ industries and are skilled at shaping programs that produce profitable business results.


  • 7+ years of experience in account planning and client management experience in marketing, advertising and/or communications
  • B2B and/or B2C digital marketing experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business or technical discipline
  • Experience in designing and executing comprehensive campaign strategies and plans in accordance with marketing objectives
  • Expertise in online marketing, email marketing, search, social, marketing automation and demand generation
  • Prior agency experience working with B2B clients
  • Ability to travel 20-30% based on client location
  • Demonstrated skills in negotiation and persuasion
  • Above average presentation and communication skills
  • Proven problem solver, conflict resolver and strategic thinker
  • Demonstrated ability to act in a leadership role and interact with senior-level management


Strategy & Growth

  • Responsible for revenue generation within assigned accounts
  • Develops strategic campaigns and programs that produce results
  • Provides leadership and support during strategy, ideation and execution processes
  • Meets with program managers on a regular basis to review campaign progress
  • Develops creative briefs that inspire team members to create exceptional work
  • Meets with the Account Director on a regular basis to review campaign performance and new opportunities
  • Facilitates internal kick off meetings

Research & Data Analysis

  • Analyzes past campaign results to uncover opportunities that stimulate growth
  • Reviews the analysis and synthesis of data intelligence for use in briefs, reports or presentations
  • Reviews and selects the appropriate traditional and digital channels
  • Coordinates research and analysis in the process of developing marketing plans and creative strategies for projects, campaigns and all-encompassing strategic marketing efforts
  • Finds competitive research to identify points of differentiation
  • Reviews and participates in research to develop well-informed and effective strategic plans
  • Handles company research to understand business and marketing objectives
  • Responsible for audience research in order to gain a clear view of target audiences
  • Facilitates information gathering through stakeholder interviews
  • Oversees focus groups and other forms of primary research
  • Remains on top of industry trends, innovations and changes

Client Services

  • Understands clients’ businesses and strategies to ensure that all campaigns, programs and projects are in alignment
  • Assembles strategic insights into presentation materials for mid and senior-level clients
  • Writes the Statements of Work in conjunction with the Program Manager and Account Director
  • Promptly addresses any client satisfaction issues with clients and team members
  • Represents the agency at industry functions and promotes the agency at every opportunity

The Account Supervisor reports to the Account Director.

If you’re reading this job description with enthusiasm and interest, start the conversation with us and send an email to: accountsup@factionmedia.com

Program Manager

The Program Manager plays an important role in the managing strategic marketing programs for our clients. Serving as the primary liaison between internal team members and client personnel, they optimize the production and organization of every project from start to finish. They have exceptional organizational and communication skills. They are a problem solver committed to delivering work that exceeds expectations, and doing so within defined timelines and budgets.


  • 3-5 years of experience in client management and/or project management
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business or technical discipline
  • The ability to thrive within a fast-paced, deadline-driven agency environment
  • Above average communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Proven problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Strong desire for a career in B2B digital communications and strategic marketing


Project Management

  • Manages the relationship with the client throughout all projects and acts as the main point of contact between client and agency once a Statement of Work has been approved
  • Checks and approves creative materials, copy, layouts, art and interactive demo materials; coordinates client approval of the same
  • Initiates new project startup meetings with the team
  • Communicates all changes/approvals from client to team in a timely manner
  • Utilizes project management and account practices to deliver projects in support of assigned accounts
  • Provides over-site on all major campaign and programs to ensure they meet the desired objectives and client expectations
  • Work closely with developers, media planners, and creative team members to execute marketing programs/campaigns for assigned clients
  • Coordinates with internal resource managers to identify and schedule the appropriate internal and external resources necessary to deliver client work
  • Responsible for ensuring estimates are accurate for project requests


  • Understands how agency resources work, how to contact and apply them
  • Maintains consistent communication with the Account Supervisor and Account Director ensuring they are immediately informed of any potential problems with client/agency relations, budget overruns, etc.
  • Establishes common practices and procedures for their team
  • Ensures regular status reports, creative briefs, contact reports, etc. are being provided to clients
  • Works with the Account Director to provide accurate and timely monthly revenue projection

Client Services

  • Serves as the go-to person from an executional stand point (internal and external)
  • Understands clients’ businesses and strategies to ensure that all campaigns, programs and projects are in alignment
  • Ensures that deliverables are on schedule, within scope, on budget, and at the quality levels that Faction is known for
  • Ensures that the services delivered by the agency are conformed to what has been contractually agreed upon between client and agency
  • Manages disputes when issues arise with a vendor’s resources
  • Understands clients’ businesses and strategies to ensure that all campaigns, programs and projects are in alignment
  • Builds and maintains strong working relationships with both clients and internal team members
  • Promptly addresses any client satisfaction issues with the clients and team members
  • Represents the agency at industry functions and promotes the agency at every opportunity

The Program Manager reports to the Account Director.

If you’re reading this job description with enthusiasm and interest, start the conversation with us and send an email to: programmgr@factionmedia.com

Freelance Art Director

If you can see the devil in the details and you can think big at the same time, we’d love to talk to you about working together.

Are you someone who looks at the world with an exceedingly critical eye? Who can pass by graffiti on a wall and be struck by a well-crafted tag? Do you exhibit a nervous tick when confronted with horrible kerning on a random fast food joint sign? You want to add to the visual landscape, but with the care and professionalism that is innate to you. And you can’t help but think how things could be improved.

We’re looking for help from a freelance/contract Art Director. That might be you if you love solving problems with unique visuals. Or, if you can imagine a way for a user to navigate a site that syncs with their expectations perfectly. Or if you can come up with a way to sell a client’s product that makes them stand out among their competition.

The right fit for us would have agency experience (more than 5 years) in interface design and digital execution. Any experience working with clients who sell complex technologies in a B2B environment is definitely a nice-to-have. But bigger picture, that just means that you’re curious about how businesses work, about how customers buy, and aren’t afraid of complexity and digging in deeper on the question of “why.”

If you’re thinking this sounds interesting, start the conversation with us and send email to artdir@factionmedia.com. Please include your resume, contact information and a link to your portfolio.

Freelance Copywriter

We need a contract copywriter who can write compelling B2B copy. Do you love the written word? Do you abhor typos? Do you love to research? Do you know how long a subject line should be and how to write one that makes people want to keep reading?

You’ll be writing a lot of copy for technical audiences, so you should understand what software-defined infrastructure is — and you’ll need to know the difference between public, private and hybrid cloud. (You should have an opinion about whether or not that last sentence should have had an oxford comma.) But you might also write about a range of other topics, from donut mixes to home insulation — in such a way that it matters to our clients’ customers. It’ll be important to know how to write for different audiences — sometimes as many as three or four — for one individual product or solution.

Do you absolutely love reading? And do you love story telling? Do you have a wildly diverse pop culture lexicon? Ultimately what we’re looking for is a person who is passionate about things — whatever those things are — and possesses an undying need to learn more.

If this paints a picture that makes you think, “I really belong in this picture!” then the next step is to start the conversation with us by sending an email to copy@factionmedia.com. And if you’re already thinking of a creative way to apply, then you’re on the right track.

Freelance Designer

You love type. You don’t just “appreciate” it. You get emotional about a typeface that helps communicate an idea beyond the letterforms.

Were you always the one everyone wanted on your Pictionary team? Did you grow up daydreaming, or just staring at photos — dissecting every little piece of a scene? Looking for meaning in the smallest details? Did you love to spend time drawing or painting to the point where you’d get lost in the work you were doing and time became irrelevant?

Yeah, us too. Faction is looking for a freelance/contract Designer. To us, that means someone who is thoughtful about details and connected to the implicit meaning behind design. If you’re constantly looking at your work and wondering, “how will others see this? What will it mean to them?” then we should probably meet. And if you’re the type to ask those questions, then we’re pretty sure you’ll like to push that way of thinking for our clients.

Can you take criticism and constructive input? And can you provide it? Can you follow direction as well as give it; able to ask the right questions at the right time but also listen intently? Do you have enough experience with the inevitable pressures of deadlines and the diversity of personalities involved in getting a job out the door? Then yeah, we should definitely talk.

Start the conversation with us by sending an email to design@factionmedia.com. Please include your resume, contact information and a link to your portfolio.

Freelance Production Artist

Do you thrive on knowing you’ve combed through every detail and that everything is built with flawless accuracy?

If you take away a deep sense of pride in producing high-quality work and are used to doing it in a fast-paced agency environment, then we should meet. Faction is looking for a freelance/contract Production Artist. You’ll need solid print chops for sure, but the bulk of our work is digital, so that can’t scare you. You’re someone who knows Adobe Creative Suite so well that you’ve wished the History palette in Photoshop existed in real life at least once in your life.

You’re a stickler for details, a multi-tasker who can juggle complexity and a dynamic workload. You not only understand the importance of maximizing the ability to turn quality work quickly and efficiently, it’s part of who you are. You’ll work closely with our agency project managers, art directors, content creators and account services to maintain a high-level of service while fulfilling all of our clients’ production needs.

If you’re thinking this sounds interesting, start the conversation with us and send email to prodart@factionmedia.com. Please include your resume, contact information and a link to your portfolio.

Account — Creative — Integrated Services

Not seeing a current job opening that you’re interested in? We’d still love to hear from you, whether you’re looking for a permanent position or freelance work in any of the areas below.


Our Account team is comprised of Account Directors, Account Supervisors and Program Managers who closely manage our client relationships, ensuring the highest level of partnership, services and satisfaction. They provide keen insight into our clients’ industries and target audiences, working closely with our Creative and Integrated Services teams to build strategic marketing campaigns.

Our Creative team is a powerhouse of Creative Directors, Content Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters and Designers. From initial concept development, to production and delivery, they provide valuable insights into how consumers process visual and textual information. They’re known for their great sense of humor and ability to make things fun and interesting.

Our Integrated Services team is made up of Developers and Demand Generation Specialists who produce all of the technological resources for our clients. Developers build campaign microsites and websites across a variety of CMSs and also create templates within Marketo and Eloqua. Demand Generation Specialists focus on BRD/TRD management, marketing automation, quality control, media coordination and analytics support.


Start the conversation with us by sending your resume and portfolio to talent@factionmedia.com. Please let us know of any B2B or agency experience that you have. We will keep you in mind if needs arise that align with your skills.