Target, Reach & Engage the Audience You Value Most

B2B sales cycles are long and complicated — in part because each sale includes multiple decision makers. This necessitates marketing that is as targeted and relevant as possible. And that’s where Account-Based Marketing (ABM) comes into play.

ABM allows you to reach and engage with your target accounts wherever they are online, and it allows you to drive interest in your products and services through personalized messages aligned with the buyer’s journey. At Faction, we create segmented campaigns that integrate into your marketing strategy to improve performance and demonstrate clear ROI.

ABM takes targeted marketing to its pinnacle by allowing marketers to proactively target the companies they want to sell to. Sophisticated modern marketing technology means that targeting specific accounts is not only possible, but also profitable.


At Faction, we use technology like marketing automation and programmatic media to ensure that we put the right content in front of the right accounts at the right time — that is, we put content in front of them with the answers to the questions they haven’t even thought to ask yet. We use sales team insights, research and analytics to craft a unique strategy for our clients’ named accounts. We believe that the key to exceptionally successful ABM is collaboration. When sales teams are willing to share insights, provide support and buy into the program, it makes all the difference.


We approach each and every ABM campaign differently. No two accounts are identical, so why should a method that champions targeting and relevance use a cookie-cutter approach to strategy? We look at past efforts to determine what worked, what applies and what doesn’t, and combine those insights to shape a creative concept with just the right messaging, tone and look and feel to resonate with the targeted account. From there, it’s all about personalization. If we know that the account is in the decision phase of the buyer’s journey, we’ll ensure that the content they engage with is solution-based and provides answers to any burning questions they may have on the product or solution.


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