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At Faction, we stand for the evolution of modern marketing, bringing together marketing expertise and technology to help our clients win.

We’re not the first to claim that there is a revolution happening in marketing. But we see it happening on a micro-scale rather than at a global level. It starts small. We believe you need to be smart with your customers and be careful not to waste their time.

Then, we weave technologies and media together to pique your customers’ interest, provide insight into their behavior and maximize your reach. Adopting a modern marketing approach doesn’t need to be difficult. A better, closer relationship with your customers is now more possible than ever.

Modern marketing is not about making contact anymore. It’s about MAKING ALLIES.


Faction is an organization with deep roots in Denver and a reputation nationwide as the leader in B2B marketing. Life is just a little different at Faction — think company ski days, Friday socials, inspired pranks, Denver-themed conference rooms and art-gallery-worthy whiteboard sessions.

We’re not just a bunch of creatives or technologists running around in flannel shirts and rolling in on our single-speed bikes. We are an imaginative, innovative and future-thinking collective of many disciplines who create modern marketing programs that push the edges of creativity and digital technology.

We love doing it, we are among the best in the world at it and our clients hire us for that reason.


“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.”

— Margaret Wheatley

As digital natives, we grew up with technology and media constantly changing and rewiring the ways we all interact and relate. So there’s no one better than us to imagine how marketing can change, too.

Whatever the request may be, we lead the charge to figure out new ways for companies and customers to interact by applying our “digital native” perspective to marketing challenges across media. We strive to affect change. As long as the result is something valuable to the customer, we’ll measure the results and evolve it again tomorrow.

Be empowered.
Be honest. Always embrace and drive change.

Be empathetic.
Listen to understand rather than listen to respond.

Be open.
Be open to new methods, new ideas and new approaches.

Be responsible.
Be responsible for your actions.

Be collaborative.
Work smart, take the time to have fun and embrace the differences within your team.