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Faction Media is a b2b

digital marketing agency.


We make allies across industries

From building materials to digital content

to streamlining the way businesses communicate

with their customers, Faction Media’s allies

dot all business landscapes.

We make allies with new

We see emerging technologies for what they are: tools.

With each new tool comes the ability to create

in a new way, which is always our strongest motivator.

We live to create.

We make allies in the community

Faction Media's community allies

build bridges between artists and patrons,

people and causes.


We’re People FirstWe make allies across industriesWe make allies with new technologiesWe make allies in the community




About Faction Media

Faction Media is a digitally-grounded marketing agency, enabling Fortune 1,000 companies to build measurable customer engagement by blending the most effective traditional and emerging tactics across media. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Denver, CO, Faction Media solves business challenges by applying the principles of digital marketing—know your audience, value their time, and use data to repeat success—to uncover marketplace insights, build valuable customer relationships, and generate demand for innovative business-to-business products and services.

Our Specialties

Faction Media specializes in the following:

  • Strategy
  • Insights and Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Media
  • Creative Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Content
  • Development


The Power of Fonts

If you were to ask the average person about the power of type, typography, font choice etc., you might get a neutral response or a shrug of the shoulders. What most non-font nerds don’t realize is that font choice makes a huge impact on how we see the world. A font like Papyrus would be […]

Faction Wins 7 Communicator Awards

We recently were informed that Faction Media has won 7 Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts Communicator Awards for the following projects: CSC CIO Barometer Campaign – Integrated B2B Campaign, Silver Award of Distinction JM SmartBinder – Business Mobile Applications, Silver Award of Distinction CSC DHS Campaign – Integrated B2B Campaign, Silver Award of Distinction CSC Industry […]

From the World of Design Trends: “Flat Design” is Dying

You’ve probably already heard about flat design — a very popular, current trend in website and user interface design. But is flat design really all it’s cracked up to be? And is it here to stay? While it started a valuable conversation about simplification, it’s already on its way out. What is flat design and […]

Faction Wins 4 BMA Gold Key Awards

We’re proud to announce that Faction Media has won four BMA Gold Key 2014 awards, held Friday, May 2 at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Denver. Silver (Campaigns 50-250k) – CSC CIO Barometer Microsite & Campaign for CSC Silver (Large Trade Show) – NAHB International Builders’ Show 2014 Tradeshow Booth for Johns Manville Silver […]

Fostering Innovation and Creativity – Fast

Creativity has become a scary, inaccessible word for many of us. It’s something only true “artists” can do, it’s hard to maintain, or it’s simply not a realistic lifestyle in a world that demands productivity. We’re wrong. We’re all creative beings. As children, we default to creativity first before the realities of everyday living force […]

From the Faction Development Team: Introducing Faction Unite

The Why: Developers can use one of many different development frameworks available to build websites, but there are almost as many differing opinions on what makes those frameworks successful (or not). The team at Faction Media was no different. So, rather than try to squeeze someone else’s methodology into our own, we chose to write […]


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